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Utrecht, Nederland, 20 januari 1940

NLD-400120-UTRECHT: Een spoorwissel wordt onderhanden genomen door medewerkers van de Nederlandse Spoorwegen. De NS ondervindt veel hinder door de sneeuwval. ANPFOTO/CO ZEYLEMAKER

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Utrecht, Nederland
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Dear Friends,
I’m Gurubijak, the co-founder of Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture, and I have lived with multiple sclerosis for nearly 40 years. I had my first MS attack in 1971, but wasn’t diagnosed until two years later when I lost permanent sight in my left eye. In those days, MS was a very difficult diagnosis to make and there were no treatments for the disease. There are times when it’s been frustrating like when I couldn’t do even the simplest task like brushing my own hair. But I’ve always had the philosophy that you make the best of what you have. Getting MS was something I couldn’t control, so I decided early on I wouldn’t let it stop me from living a full life

10 jan 2016, 6:07

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19 mei 2016, 19:41